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Creative Process: Hand Painted Wedding Shoes

Let your shoes tell the tale of your romance, picking up the accent colours and theme of your wedding. For shoes that are as unique as you and your wedding day are.

Beautiful one of a kind bespoke shoes to match your wedding dress

A subtle embellishment to compliment your dress or daring show stoppers to wow your guests; together we will create a look that is uniquely you. Ideas include using your names, dates or even your cat, flowers and bling, bows and ribbons.

Once you have bought your shoes, we can start your design process. We will have a meeting to discuss your wedding vision. From this meeting I can create some designs for you to look at and then we can meet again to finalise the all-important details.

Shoes must be provided a minimum of 10 weeks prior to the wedding date. I will work with any colour of shoes and although leather shoes are best for painting, satin shoes can look beautiful when painted in the right style using the right technique and suede shoes can look beautiful embellished with diamantes and ribbon.


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