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Creative Process: Commissioned Art

Whether you are capturing a precious memory of a much loved person or animal or remembering a favourite scenery or possession, I will work with you to ensure that your vision is translated perfectly into a work of art that you can treasure for years to come.

I have been creating commissioned paintings for many years. I have painted everything from children and animals to cherished cars and motorbikes. My medium varies from pen and pencil work to acrylic on canvas and watercolour.

I tend to work from photographs although with children and pets, I find it useful to have at least one introduction so that I can better capture the temperament and personality of the subject. In the spirit of modern times, I have even done this via a Smart Phone and Skype!

Once I have been asked to do a commission, we discuss size, medium and general colours and then a quote is given. Dependent upon the timescale, it can be useful to me to have a half hour introduction to the subject and possibly take photographs if they are not being supplied. Once this process is done, I can get started creating a cherished memory or gift.

Timescale for completion of a commissioned piece is 2-4 weeks although if a commission is required sooner, this is always a possibility based upon my workload.


Commissioned Art | Lions in the Grass2015-10-06T22:34:48+00:00
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