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Debs London | Bespoke Wedding Stationery | Hand Painted Shoes

Who Am I?

Even as a child I was always drawing and painting. My mother has kept all of my art pads and paintings. I took art and art history, graphics and technical drawing at school and got straight “A”s in all and then began my professional career. I started as a draughtsman in the days before CAD (Computer Aided Design) and so my work was initially always created in the old-fashioned way using “pen and paper”.  As times changed, I evolved with the software and began to learn and create my work using a computer. My skills and qualifications grew within this area and I began to working in engineering.

An opportunity then arose for me to join a creative team producing 3D animation and computer graphics and I seized the chance to turn further towards my creative side. As a graphic artist and animator working in central London, I was working with 3D Studio and testing software for AutoCAD. I also became published in CAD User magazine writing articles for AutoCAD.

Later in my 3D animation career, I moved on to freelance work based in Soho, London. My freelance work was fun and varied, working in creative and architectural areas. I was involved in creating:

  • pop video animations for pop stars including Prodigy’s Firestarter video; and
  • television animation; animating some of channel 4 & channel 5’s opening sequences and animating advertising campaigns for Prudential and Saatchi & Saatchi.

My architectural work enabled me to work with Chetwood Associates on their Millennium Dome design and other high profile clients included Tesco, Sainsbury’s and RFU.  I also taught 3D animation as part of social media studies at Brixton University as well as teaching within Architect Studios.

When I began travelling, I started focusing more on commissioned work and painting as it fitted better with my lifestyle and I enjoyed my return to creating art with pencils, pens and paintbrushes.

I love being around people and have always been sought after for my opinion on “arty stuff”, so it was a natural progression for me to become more involved in my friends’ social events and weddings. My first large wedding commission was for a friend’s wedding in Royal Tunbridge Wells. It was a very large wedding in the most beautiful surroundings and I was honoured to be asked to design and make the whole range of wedding stationery for that very special day. I have since worked on many weddings and have a substantial portfolio of work. At a wedding last year, my bride suggested I branch out to use my creativity on wedding shoes. The rest, as they say, is history….

Debs London was born.

Being involved in such a special day in peoples’ lives gives me a feel of accomplishment and joy to see the happiness that it creates. Also, my ability to transfer some of the stress away from the bride, knowing that what I am creating will be perfect and delivered on time, is very important to me.

Debs London | Bespoke Wedding Stationery | Hand Painted Shoes